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September 11, 2008


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This list of dA Stockers A-Z is a long-term work in progress:If you notice that your resource account (or someone else's resource account) is missing from the above directory, please feel free to drop me a note to let me know. Now for the reason I brought that list to your attention...

While adding to the above list, I've seen a huge influx of new stock accounts popping up at deviantART in recent months. I've got to admit, I'm really impressed with this new wave of talent and creativity. Below are 10 fabulous new deviantART stock providers that have existed at dA for approximately 2 months or less.

Wooden Box Set 2 by Azenor-stockThe dead rider by Azenor-stockOld door 3 by Azenor-stock

Well Stock by bmjewell-stockParthenon Stock 1 by bmjewell-stockYellowstone Lake Stock by bmjewell-stock

Goth 7 by legionista-stockBishop's Palace 2 by legionista-stockLaying on tree 1 by legionista-stock

09 by ihaz-stock19 by ihaz-stock14 by ihaz-stock

stock 7 by filmflamstockstock 2 by filmflamstockstock 12 by filmflamstock


Gas Mask by sick-sad-little-maraSeaside on winter 2 by sick-sad-little-maraSigurta 5 by sick-sad-little-mara

    :iconladyenigma-stock: LadyEnigma-Stock: Deviant since Jul 30, 2008

    :iconrebecca-parker-stock: Rebecca-Parker-Stock: Deviant since Aug 19, 2008

Here are a few fantastic resources from even more of our new dA stock providers...

:thumb93871671:Nansy VII by natalie-stock:thumb94407253:nude V by Voivodess-Stockmystic boy_stock by najmo-stockdc1 by Courtneyrose666STOCK:thumb95165203:Stock 82 by Marina-Stock

Arbol Grande by SuperStar-StockCarriage Horse 5 by BluegrassEquineStockGateway by stock-cmoura016 by candysmile4006-stockCaterpillar stock by STOCKherGold maniquin stock 04 by On-the-fence-stockGypsy Vanner 1 by EquineStockImagery:thumb97396433:Buddha by vj-helm-stockBoarded-up Window 2 by dull-stock

Plaster 05 by stockimagineTexture 014 by piechot-stockVelvet Swirl by emeraldsugar-stockGrunge_Playground_1 by CannibalSky-StockBGR_012b by Xantipa2-StockI Remember Spring by DH-Textures:thumb97301117:Stock 32 by Helix-stockyk1 by ucmorlale-textures:thumb95579908:

Please take a moment to welcome one or more of these new stock providers by visiting their user pages and exploring their galleries. We've all tried something new at some point, and it's usually nice to have supportive people around when entering uncharted territory.

:bulletgreen: Your Resources & Stock Team, an article by LawrenceDeDark about dA's resource gallery directors. It's a quick overview of who they are and what they do along with helpful links, stock guidelines, and other valuable information.

:bulletgreen: Basic Guide - Stock Rules by UnicornReality & Stock Rules Tutorial by sd-stock will give you nice, simple things to keep in mind regarding your rules for the artists that use your resources.

:bulletgreen: Working together - not against each other is an article by kuschelirmel about helping resource providers and users understand each other's point of view.

Have fun!!
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Mind-Illusi0nZ Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2008
wonderful feature and very nice to make a list of so many wonderful stockers, I am hoping that I may be added to the list :D
Breaking-Bella-Stock Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008   Photographer
It's great to see so many new stock artists getting recognition!
Momotte2stocks Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
Wonderful stocks !! :clap: :love:
MissS-Stocks Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2008
Thanks for the feature ;P
candysmile4006-stock Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2008   Photographer
OMG WOW!!! I'm so honoured! Thank you ever so much for featuring me. I will fave this article and mention it in my journal! Again, thank you!
irinama Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2008  Professional
Vert nice news. Thank you
Ba-Gfx Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008
Big Thanks for the feature :iconlove:
Umm... call me a n00b, but exactly what IS a stock account? ^^;
FantasyStock Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008
A stock account is a dA account that a user creates to offer free images for artists to use in their art. For example, photo manipulation artists need stock images to manipulate to create their work.

FAQ #217: What are "Stock Photos" and can I use "Stock Photos" in my submissions?

You may search dA's galleries for stock images here: [link] Remember that each stock provider at each account has different rules of use which usually include things like linking back to the stock artist to give credit for using their stock, and informing the stock provider that you used their work in your art.
Wow, that's really well written! Thank you! :D
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